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Printed Newspaper Options - Our Publication

The Waynedale Newspaper is a free publication distributed every two weeks to over 35,000 readers boasting original local news and entertainment. It is distributed via carrier delivery to every home in the area with local pickup at all area businesses within South / Southwest Fort Wayne (with additional distribution checkpoints within the communities south of Fort Wayne of Ossian, Bluffton, Zanesville and Markle). Its 80 years of publishing is a direct result of community support and the success of local marketing.

Our typical publication is broadsheet-sized (10.5" wide x 21.5" tall), with 6 columns. It generally contains 12 pages (4 pages - full color & 8 pages - black print), with featured news on our color pages and our other sections spanning the rest. View a sample for your reference, Sample Waynedale Newspaper (PDF).

Indifferent to other free publications, because of its 80 years in business, the community has embraced the publication as their own, and expects every edition on their doorstep. All of our stories are original, community-based and positive in nature, which is another appealing aspect of the newspaper for our audience, who by the majority, read the publication from cover-to-cover and have been known to keep each issue around for months to re-read. This embrace of the newspaper by residents and subscribers provides a perfect platform for you to launch your advertising, marketing or public relations campaign.

Download our 2015 Client Information Kit (PDF)

Black-Ink Only Usage Rates

Column Inch Range

Price Per Column Inch











Ads that only use black ink.

- 2015 Client Information Kit
- Display Advertisement Rates
- Publication Deadline Schedule

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1-Color Usage Rates

Column Inch Range

Price Per Column Inch











Ads that use one color, in addition to black. (Any Color)

4-Color Usage Rates

Column Inch Range

Price Per Column Inch











Ads that use all four colors. (Ideal For Photos)

Example Display Ad Size & Price

Ad Size





Business Card

2 col. x 2 in.




1/16 Page

3 col. x 2.62 in.




WDN Specialty

3 col. x 4 in.




1/8 Page

3 col. x 5.25 in.




1/4 Page

3 col. x 10.5 in.




1/2 Page

6 col. x 10.5 in.




Full Page

6 col. x 21.5 in.




How are these prices generated? Column inches are calculated by multiplying the number of columns horizontally by the amount of inches vertical, this gives you the number of column inches your advertisement takes up. The number of column inches are then multiplied by the rate per column inch. For example a 1/4 page black and white advertisement is 3 columns horizontally by 10.5 inches vertically. 3 times 10.5 = 31.5 (column inches). 31.5 is within the 26 – 50 column inch range of $10.50 per column inch. So $10.50 times 31.5 = $330.75, which gives you the price of column inch usage in that black and white advertisement.

If you choose to add color the number of column inches is multiplied by the black and white rate per column inch plus $4.00 for 1-Color or plus $8.00 for 4-Color. Taking the same example as before, a 1/4 page advertisement takes up 31.5 column inches and fits into the 26-50 range which is $10.50 per column inch black and white. Choosing 1-Color, $10.50 + $4 = $14.50, which is the 1-Color rate per column inch for that column inch range. $14.50 multiplied by 31.5 = $456.75, which gives you the price of column inch usage in that 1-Color advertisement. Choosing 4-Color, $10.50 + $8 = $18.50, which is the 4-Color rate per column inch for that column inch range. $18.50 multiplied by 31.5 = $582.75, which gives you the price of column inch usage in that 4-Color advertisement.

Adding Color For A Small Price, Makes A BIG Difference

1-Color and 4-Color advertisements are placed on our color pages, which are our highest traffic pages of the newspaper. Our 4-Color advertisements utilize a range of color to print even a full color photo in your ad. 4-Color pricing: add $8 per column inch to the black and white usage rate. With our 1-Color advertisements, you can choose one color, any color, for use in your advertisement. Spot Color pricing: add $4 per column inch to the black and white rate.

Front Page Advertising

The front page is the highest traffic page to provide your advertisement with the most amount exposure possible. Front page advertisements can be any size and are priced at exactly double the column inch 4-color usage rate.

$15 Brander - keeping your name in print for less

15 Dollar BranderAt our office we receive calls every day from readers looking for a particular company, product or service they saw an advertisement for that stopped printing months ago. While we make sure the caller receives all of the information they need to make contact with that client, we wonder how many of our readers also remembered that ad but didn't call? You don't have to miss out on those customers or break your budget with an expensive ad, now for only $15 per issue place a $15 Brander!

Designed to help keep your business visible longer, even after your primary display advertisements are finished publishing. One of the most important features of this ad, is that it is designed to be printed in every issue for an entire year, helping your customers remember and find you when they need you. In addition, placing an ad shows your support for the Waynedale Community!

2” wide x 1” tall
$15 per issue (12 month contract)
$18 per issue (6 month contract)

The $15 Brander could contain a logo, phone number, address, website and anything else you would like that fits in this versatile 2”x1” space.

Download the $15 Brander (PDF)

Page and Section Sponsorships This is the premium way to show your support for the community. Our page sponsorships promote your business or brand as the premier sponsor of the page. The sponsorship includes a 10.5”x1.5“ banner at the bottom of the page of your choice, as well as your transparent logo that spans the width of the top of that page, behind the text. Page sponsorships are limited to one per page and first come, first reserved. Page sponsorships can be purchased in bulk to cover an entire section. Please call for section pricing.

10.5" wide x 1.5" tall & Full Logo Background
$100 per issue (12 month contract)
$135 per issue (6 month contract)

A page sponsorship banner could contain any information that fits in this premiere 10.5”x1.5” space.

Download the Page and Section Sponsor (PDF)

Front Page Showcase - the exclusive top fold ad spot

Front Page Showcase The top, front page of a newspaper contains the highest reader traffic of all other pages within a publication. We are now presenting an opportunity for you to tap into all of those readers, with the highest amount of exposure from newspaper display advertising The Waynedale Newspaper has presented yet!

The Front Page Showcase is a 4-Color, 3”x 3“ advertisement located at the top right hand corner of the newspaper and the very first thing our readers lay eyes on whether at the newsstand or doorstep of their home. The Showcase is a printed advertisement that simulates expensive “sticky notes” at a much more affordable cost. Your business will be the sole placeholder of this exclusive advertising space, but it is first come, first reserved, so be sure to lock-in your schedule before someone else does!

3” wide x 3” tall - Front Page (Upper Right)
$750 per issue (3 month contract)
$1,000 per issue (no contract)

Download the Front Page Showcase (PDF)

Classified Advertisements - for when only text will do the trick

Classifieds are text only advertisements and all are located on the "Classifieds Section" in the printed newspaper and online at thewaynedalenews.com. All classifieds must be paid in full before they are printed or posted online for any issue.

$20 (25 words or less); 50 cents per word after the flat rate of $20.

Please fill out a Classifieds Form online OR download the form (PDF) and return before the deadline for placement in the next issue.

Online News Website Options -
Over 40,000 Monthly Visitors

Thewaynedalenews.com is a free community news website with over 11,000 pages of brand new Waynedale News articles and past archives. It also boasts author biographies, visitor’s article comments, community e-newsletter sign up, and more. We continue to add to the features and pages on a weekly basis, improving usability, speed and content. The website receives 40,000 visitors and growing every month! The average visitor lives in Fort Wayne or the surrounding area, browses the website for 16 minutes and reads 7 pages. Many visitors enjoy free access to the entire site, in alternative to a printed copy of the newspaper.

Click Here to Visit WaynedaleNews.com

Website Banner AdvertisementsBanners are located at the bottom of the webpage and are cycled with other promotions and banners. Banners are a great way to feature and allow a user to click linking to your website or webpage. Most banner ads will show at least once on every 4 pages visited. Please provide us with a webpage address that you would like this banner to link back to.

Banner advertisements must be designed to:
798 x 80 pixels
$75 per month (no contract)
$50 per month (3 month contract)
$35 per month (12 month contract)

Download the Banner Advertisements (PDF)

Sideline Advertisements - wrap our website with your ad

Website Sideline AdvertisementsSideline advertisements are constantly displayed across the screen, spanning on both sides of The Waynedale News web content. Sideline advertisements are not cycled with any other advertisements, so your ad will become the sole background of the web page and will not be missed. This type of advertisement is most effective featuring an event or special your organization may be promoting.

Sideline advertisements must be designed to:
1414 x 572 pixels (with 800 pixel mid void)
$200 per month (no contract)
$150 per month (3 month contract)
$100 per month (12 month contract)

Download the Sideline Advertisements (PDF)

More Options - expand your reach

Flyers & Inserts - nestle your own promotional piece in the fold

You can place a flyer / insert into the interior fold of The Waynedale News for 4 cents per insert. If you do not already have a flyer printed or don’t want to go through the hassle of printing flyers yourself, The Waynedale News can print the flyers for you. If you provide the flyer graphics, we can print high photographic quality, 4 color, double sided, 8.5 x 11” (letter size), semi-gloss flyers for you at 4 cents. If the flyer graphics are not provided, we can design the flyer for you at a 15% graphics fee on the printing cost.

Insertion: 4 cents per piece
Printing (12,500): 4 cents per piece
Printing & Insertion: 8 cents per piece

Please contact us for printing quantities other than 12,000, or alternative size pieces, as we are able to save you cost in most cases.

Promotional Article - tell a story about your business

Put your own article or written promotion in The Waynedale News. Public relations can be a crucial advantage over advertising and marketing when used correctly. Getting the word out about your business or organization can be hard to do within the boundaries of a display advertisement. We offer an opportunity for you to either supply us with an article / written promotion or you may choose for us to write one for you. These articles are billed as a display advertisement with standard column inch usage rates. It is also displayed as a standard article, which can contain photos; without the borders of a display advertisement. For more information regarding this opportunity please contact us.

Mass Media E-mails - send your press release to news outlets

Our media database is a collection of 500+ e-mail addresses in the local media (radio, community calendars, newspapers and local television news) in a 20 mile radius of Fort Wayne. Additional addresses are handpicked to suit exterior media in other cities, who may have an interest in publishing events that occur in Fort Wayne.

Each e-mail is personalized to the address so the recipient feels as though you are contacting them directly. The e-mails have a subject and body, which can contain attachments, photos and graphics incorporated into them, just as a normal e-mail that you send out would. The e-mails look like they are sent from your address, so when the recipient of the e-mail responds, the e-mail goes directly to you, so you can follow up with them directly.

We can also split our database into one list, ‘community calendars & monthly publications’ to send an e-mail a month and a half or so before the event so that media has time to prepare, and a second list, ‘television, radio, daily and frequent newspapers’ that would require the information no more than a week in advance.

$50 per list send (no contract)
$30 per list send (contract of 6x)

Worship In Waynedale - featured religious organizations

The Worship in Waynedale section is a premium listing especially for religious organizations and their events. Listings promote your organization name, address, phone number & worship times: also included are two event listings per issue. All purchased listings will be published in every issue from the start date to the end of December for $300. Additional events other than the two included may be purchased for $5 per issue.

Download the Worship In Waynedale (PDF)

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